Monday, December 23, 2013

Fit For a King
My sons fourth birthday he says mom I want to have a knight birthday!
Me: a night birthday? Like at night?
NOOOO! Like with a sword and a castle and here's what mama came up with

I purchased the wilton castle cake set. It comes with super easy instructions and I purchased mine at Michaels craft store.Big sister is a great mini me and was happy to help in putting this cake together. She assisted with all the little details such as making windows complete with swags out of fondant. When making cakes, everyone asks if I have a special recipe...when Im crunched for time...Betty Crocker Baby! But scratch recipes can be found online a dime a dozen.
This was my happy guy! I got a large box from the furniture store and with some dollar store paint and became our "Castle" Complete with a little door. I rented the two Knights at Parkland party rentals in Red Deer. All of the kids Knight costumes were purchased at the local dollarstore after halloween. (hence why I plan this stuff so far ahead!) As the little boys arrived, they were "knighted" and the little girls were given princess dresses and tiaras. These costumes were super cheap after halloween at walmart.

I sent out little invites with a dragon on front. For more details on this party please feel free to ask me questions! Food ideas include "medieval times" chicken drumsticks, dinner rolls, beer steins (of root beer of course), and incorporate other fun things in the goodie bags such as "rock" candy which looks like rocks but is actually chocolate in a candy coating. I hope you enjoyed this little peek. 

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