Monday, March 31, 2014


well...I know its March and Easter hasn't yet arrived but my favorite peeps were here and I decided to do a little bunny goodness early. Benefit for those of you looking to be creative as well ;)

 Of course no post would be complete without me doing something "embarrassing" , so for my sweet girl, here is one of my favorite easter photos from the past! I posted this for all to see..and for what its worth, brought a smile to my eyes every time I looked! So my children are now older and past the easter egg hunting age...but I still wanted to do something special and celebrate this time with them.
 I started with this very grown up linen table cloth and my favorite restaurant style rectangle plates
 Each setting had a cute little easter sugar cookie made by moi to mark their space. I also added some little chocolate eggs to the egg cups instead of those boring hard boiled ones :)
 On the coffee table, all my favorite peeps helped themselves to a sugar rush of marshmallow....
 Love the striped muffin papers filled with chocolate chip banana bread...big brother made short work of this pile!
 Hidden in one of my favorite vintage style planters were some easter lollies....
 And these chocoalte guys hung around until they were swept up by teenagers!
 A closer look....the eggs were made by mama. Wilton plug- no post would be complete without that haha...I used my wilton egg molds to make these adorable easter eggs- inside was a portable cel phone charger ;) and for those brave souls...a quick tutorial
 I use regular paint brushes from Michaels to paint the mold with a design. You know what I used...WILTON CANDY MELTS of course! Then I pop it in the freezer so my design sets up. Afterwards I fill the old with another color of melted candy melts and pop back in the freezer. Dont leave it in there too long otherwise your chocolate will crack when it comes back out to room temperature.
 Leave them sit for  a moment. Gently tap the mold to get them out....
 fill with goodies and decorate with ribbon! Yummy treats!
 I made these adorable peeps pops by just layering them on a sucker stick and putting a cello bag with ribbon over that so they didn't dry out and harden before they could get eaten.
 This little cutie didn't last long! I popped one on the side of each glass before I filled them.
 Little mini chocolate bite....hid around the table setting with these moss adorbs!
 A closer look at the bunny filled with chocolatey goodness
 Also made these chocolate eggs in nests for the big kids. I set them out on different tables and such throughout the house.Great decor until they got eaten!
 And how cute are these? Little mini treat sacks that each contain a chocolate bunny. I decorated them up with some scrap supplies from Heidi Swapps hello today collection
 and I sat them in this little blue box. Guests who stopped by could grab one on their way out the door.
My go to all year round...and so many possibilities! Some "carrot" berries!
 Lemon meringue pie hung out until after dinner. The meringue turned out so amazing! Cake stand is from my favorite store...WINNERS! \I have it in like seven different colors and styles lol!
The finished table ready for a feast. Enjoy your family time this easter. I hope you found some inspiration here and your easter is as Sweet as the one at the SWEETINGS :)

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