Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Master Chief boys birthday Party

Well it took me a while to post but here it is! I am posting  a little tutorial of how I made a master chief helmet for my sons birthday.Now keep in mind I have never made one before,and yeah, I really didn't know who master chief was haha. Thankfully my target audience was a group of first graders who thought I "nailed it"!
So I started out with a metal bowl and two eight inch round cake pans and I stacked them up so you can see where I was going with my design.

Once Baked it looked like this...see ow the bowl is lined up with the back edge of the round? That is going to be the overhang for your helmet. Put frosting between each layer as you stack and chuck these babies in the freezer to firm up. Note: Make sure all cakes have cooled completely before you assemble and put in the freezer, otherwise it'll be a hot mess and cake is more likely to crumble if its still hot.
 When I leveled the cakes so that they were flat in top and stacked nicely, I saved the pieces I leveled off to use as the details on the helmet.
 Once I had everything How i wanted, I carved with a sharp SERRATED kitchen knife and covered the whole thing in a frosting crumb coat and put it back in the freezer.
 I cut out the visor piece from some paper and kept cutting until it fit the helmet how I wanted. Wilton makes this great gold edible paper which I used to make the visor: note DO NOT refreeze the cake if you put this gold paper on...unfortunately I froze mine and the paper went all wrinkly and shriveled :(

 I covered the whole thing with fondant and I left the fondant marbled to make the helmet more realistic color wise. I used little black jaw breakers for the details.I put some piping gel on the back of my gold sheet and added it to the front of the helmet.
 The finished product. I used a wilton marker to add the details. Mind you it isnt perfect but I love the finished product
 I used  a toy package to make sure I got the logo on the back right
 This is the helmet I used for not bad for this mama.
 And no party complete without some grenades. I used some floral foam, a craft box from Michaels and some moss.
 Easiest cake pops ever....I bought premade timbits holes at superstore for .99 cents for 12. Dip a stick in chocolate and put in the timbit then freeze. Once you melt your Wilton candy melts take the cakepops out of the freezer only two to three at a time. Swirl in the bowl of melted chocolate. Tap off the excess chocolate. If you do'nt have a cake pops stand, you can insert the stick in a florist foam block until it dries- get them at the dollar store- super cheap! hen I added a piece of black licorice as the fuse for the little bombs.

 Stencil "AMMO" on the side, add your floral foam block and cover with the string moss- whoila! Cake pop bombs, so cute and I made enough to send to school for the whole class.
 My brother was a good sport and dressed up as master chief for the party
 After goodies we went outside for some water guns and water balloons....chased by Master Chief!
 I hope this tutorial helped and that you can make an awesome little party for the special guy in your life :)

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